The Irizar Group performs an unprecedented deployment of its brand, technology and sustainability strategy at the Busworld International Bus and Coach Fair to be held between the 18th and 23rd of October 2019. It presents its full range of buses and coaches integral, hybrid and electric and many of new technological that are key to their future. 

The Irizar Group, which is 130 years old this year, is an increasingly solid group and continues, decidedly, to develop new solutions and services to guarantee a more sustainable future in economic, social and environmental terms.

In stand 636 of Hall 6 of 2000 m2 you can see six vehicles of last generation: two integral units Irizar brand (Irizar i8 and Irizar i6S), a hybrid coach (the new Irizar i4) and two electric buses (the new ie bus and ie tram). All these vehicles present innovations in terms of accessibility, safety, technology and sustainability.

The presentation, in scoop, of all these developments carried out at the Irizar stand on October 18, Friday, at 11:30 a.m. shows on the one hand the positioning of the Irizar Group in all segments of passenger transport, both in the discretionary transport as in the public, urban, interurban and long-distance and of its condition of reference in the sector of sustainable mobility. And on the other, its commitment to society and to the service of high added value to its clients in such transcendental aspects as design, personalization, security, operational cost, future technology and sustainability.

Busworld has also become a stage celebrating its 130th anniversary, displaying a powerful staging of a show that gathers the essence of the brand, combining dance, audiovisual and live music. To extend this celebration to the operators, it makes available to them the limited series 130 which includes an extra equipment package of great added value for the operators in the Irizar i8 and Irizar i6S model coaches.