i8 Integral destined for Platinum tours

i8 Integral destined for Platinum tours

When Chandlers Coach Travel took an official handover flight to Spain to see its new Irizar i8 Integral ready to leave the factory, it was an emotional Chandlers handovermoment.

Chandlers had been so impressed with the i8 at the launch in January at Irizar’s headquarters in Ormaiztegi, they got their name down for the 13.2-metre tri-axle. One of the first i8 Integrals built to touring specification, it comes with all the i8 Integral refinements, including the touchscreen MMI control centre for the driver, reversing camera, DVD system, toilet, and the latest electronic safety aids such as Lane Departure Warning.
The coach – the flagship of the Irizar Integral range – joins two Irizar i6 Integrals Chandlers bought last year. The new vehicle is fitted with 46 of the new i8 seats – which can be increased to 53 – and is fitted with additional equipment such as a fridge, centre servery, extra storage and high-capacity water tank. It is joining Chandlers this summer as one of its Platinum fleet, providing premium tours within Chandlers’ extensive tour programme.

Chandlers’ Platinum tours are the ultimate in coach touring luxury, with extra legroom and half-leather reclining seats with seat-back tables. The tours are door-to-door with no overnight travel, and many departures with a second crew member and on-board refreshments.

“I have to confess seeing it for the first time brought a tear to my eye – it’s beautiful,” said Chandlers Director Margaret I’Anson. “We are so pleased with it.”

Chandlers, which runs 13 vehicles from its Westbury base, this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company runs a mixture of its own tours, private hire and home-to-school contracts.

Caption (main pic): Chris and Margaret I’Anson see their coach for the first time at the Irizar factory, with Irizar’s Julie Hartley (second left) and Juan Irigoyen (left)