Irizar UK solutions to help combat Coronavirus

Irizar UK Coronavirus headrest shield options

Irizar UK solutions to help combat Coronavirus

Irizar is aiding UK coach operators in the fight against coronavirus with the launch of two systems that will help to protect passengers and drivers against airborne infection.

Working in conjunction with air-conditioning supplier Hispacold (part of the Irizar Group of companies), Irizar (UK) now offers the Eco3 Air Purifier, which can be fitted to any coach with an air-conditioning system, irrespective of make. Irizar also offers approved sets of transparent isolation screens specifically tailored to fit its i4, i6, i6S and i8 coach models. 


Eco3 Air Purifier  

Hispacold Eco3 Air Purifier

The Eco3 Air Purifier produces ions and ozone in the correct proportions to disinfect the air circulating within the coach. It has the additional benefits of removing unpleasant odours within the vehicle, and raising oxygen levels which reduce the risks of driver fatigue. It works whenever the vehicle’s saloon heating or cooling system is active. 

The Eco3 is easily retro-fitted to any bus or coach with air-conditioning, irrespective of make, and requires no routine maintenance. Watch the video of how Eco3 works here.


Transparent Isolation Screens


Irizar Covid-19 Back of Seat Screens


Irizar’s approved transparent passenger and driver screens create a semi-enclosed ‘cab’ area around the driver’s seat, and divide each pair of passenger seats from those immediately to the front and back to reduce the risk of infection by airborne droplets. 


Irizar Covid-19 Screens


The screens meet all the necessary regulations pertaining to interior fitments for coaches and buses including fire, impact and driver indirect vision. Their transparent design is non-claustrophobic and does not adversely restrict the view of driver or passengers. A notifiable alteration will be required with the fitment of both driver and passenger screens, although it is expected that this will be possible via a video call to avoid waiting periods. The air flow inside the coach goes from the ceiling down to the gangway and then into the luggage compartment through vents before exiting the coach just behind the front axle. With the screens in place, passenger safety is enhanced.

UK operators can source Eco3 units and screen sets via Irizar’s Masterpart operation (01909 480490, Both the Eco3 unit and the screen kits are easy to fit.    

The Irizar Group of companies continue to develop further solutions to help combat COVID-19.  Datik, producers of intelligent and efficient management systems for transport, is currently developing a new solution – COViDManager. It’s a system designed for transport operators and public authorities to help reduce propagation of COVID-19. Installed at the entrance of a bus or coach, it acts as an authority, monitoring passengers before they enter and denying entry to those who do not meet the required standards. Expected to be available in July, further updates on this development will be available in the coming weeks    


Technical notes: 

Studies have revealed that the principal danger of Covid infection on buses and coaches is by inhalation of airborne droplets and micro-particles. The Eco3 tackles this risk in two ways. Firstly, ionising the air causes particles and micro-particles to fall out of airborne suspension, making them far less likely to be inhaled. Secondly, the presence of increased levels of ozone releases single atoms of oxygen that have a propensity to bond with microscopic particles such as a virus, and destroy them by oxidisation. Measurements of interior air quality in coaches with Eco3 in use indicate large reductions in airborne levels of pollen, fungal spores, viruses, bacteria and other microbes, and other dangerous or nuisance dusts. Eco3 has a low current draw, making it suitable for all PSV types, including electric buses. 

The isolation screens restrict the circulation of exhaled droplets. Drivers have reduced exposure from passengers boarding or alighting from the vehicle, while the passenger screens reduce the potential for droplets to circulate beyond an individual’s seating area within the saloon. Operators can further reduce infection risk by regular cleaning of vehicle interiors, paying particular attention to floors and frequently-touched components such as grab-rails and handles. Just 20 seconds of exposure to soapy water is sufficient to destroy the Covid virus.


Download the Eco3 Air Purifier Fact Sheet here