Irizar (UK) hits 400 with two more new Integrals for Barnes Coaches

Irizar (UK) hits 400 with two more new Integrals for Barnes Coaches

Irizar (UK) hits 400 with two more new Integrals for Barnes Coaches

Two more new i6 Integral coaches have gone into service with long-standing Irizar customer Barnes Coaches of Swindon. This delivery takes the total number of Irizar Integral coaches supplied to the UK over the 400 mark, and these i6 Integrals are among the first to feature the latest DAF Euro VI C engine technology.

he pair consists of a 14.1 m, 61-seater triaxle and a 12.9 m 53-seater. They replace older coaches on the 36-strong fleet

Director Luke Barnes said: “This latest acquisition brings about three-quarters of our fleet up to Euro VI standard, which is of increasing importance with more cities introducing Clean Air Zones.”

The new Integrals are finished to a very high standard. Passenger seat back and cushion laterals are leather-trimmed, and the seats are fitted with T-type footrests, magazine holders, and seat-back tables. Other passenger refinements include aisle lights, drinks machines and USB charging points.

Leather driver and courier seats have been chosen for additional comfort and durability, and each coach has a vacuum cleaner system installed to enable the highest standards of cleanliness to be maintained when on tour.

The already handsome appearance of the i6 Integrals is further enhanced by black-tint windows and factory-applied vinyls.

DAF’s latest Euro VI C engines power the new coaches. In the case of the triaxle, it’s the MX-11 330 of 449hp, while its smaller stablemate has the MX-11 270 of 367 bhp.

The MX-11 330 is the most powerful 11-litre coach engine in DAF’s new range, and offers 2,300 Nm or torque from 900 to 1,125 rpm, while the MX-11 270’s torque output is 1,900 Nm, which is again available from 900 to 1,125 rpm. In the case of the Barnes Coaches vehicles, both drive through the sophisticated ZF EcoLife fully-automatic transmission.

“Our drivers prefer the full-automatic ‘boxes,” Luke explains, “Plus we find them easier maintenance-wise.”

He said he expected to keep the coaches for around five years, and maintenance would be carried out in-house, with the support of Irizar’s mobile technicians when needed.

Irizar (UK) director Julie Hartley said: “Reaching the 400-unit landmark in the United Kingdom is a significant milestone both for us here and our colleagues in Spain. After just eight years in the market, Irizar is now firmly established as a real force in UK coaching, with our reputation for passenger-appeal, easy maintenance, and first-class support continuing to win us new customers throughout the country.

“We are delighted that these landmark vehicles have gone to Barnes, who have been a very loyal customer for us over the years since they took their first Irizar Integrals in 2015.”

Barnes Coaches was established over 100 years ago by the Barnes family, and current directors Matt and Luke are the fourth generation to run it. Like the rest of the Barnes’ fleet, the new Irizar Integrals are expected to be able to handle every aspect of the company’s work from local runs to extended Continental tours.