Irizar Integral quality pays off for Prospect Coaches

Irizar Integral quality pays off for Prospect Coaches

Irizar Integral quality pays off for Prospect Coaches

Reliability and good build-quality and support have led Prospect Coaches of Stourbridge to acquire its third Irizar Integral coach.
The 52-seat 13.2-metre coach is Prospect’s first Irizar Integral tri-axle.

General manager Nathan Hadley explained how an improvement in the quality of the Prospect coach fleet had led to the company expanding its services to include not just the core business of schools and colleges contracts and trips, but also more up-market offerings including private hire, tours, and corporate and sporting work.

“We moved into the executive market in 2010, and that has now expanded to include 14 coaches out of our fleet of 50,” he says. “It has taken constant investment in the top end of the fleet to get us to where we are now.

“Our first Irizar Integral was acquired in 2015: we’d watched the launch of Irizar (UK) into the market with interest, and the first I6 Integral was acquired because Irizar could offer 57 seats plus a toilet on a two-axle coach. We had also had good previous experiences with DAF engines.” he explains.

“We found that first vehicle to be reliable and well-built, with excellent parts and service support from Irizar (UK) so a second one followed later that year,” he recounts.

One of the roles for the new i6 Integral is as a team coach for a football club.

“The sports team side of the business has been expanding since we took on our first contract for a rugby club six years ago,” Nathan explains. “We now do team coaches for seven clubs over an expanding geographic area, and provide supporter transport as well. We also provide team coaches for clubs visiting the UK from abroad.

“The football club speaks very highly of the i6 Integral tri-axle. They love it: the comfortable seating comes in for particular praise.”

Prospect’s i6 Integral tri-axle is equipped to a high standard, with seat-back tables on the generously-spaced i6 Plus seats. Other equipment includes Bosch and Actia audio-video systems, a central sunken toilet, drinks machine and USB charging points.

DAF’s powerful MX-13 340 462 hp engine drives through a 12-speed AS-Tronic automated gearbox and the coach is fitted with Adaptive Cruise Control to reduce driver fatigue and improve safety on motorways.

Prospect Coaches maintains its vehicles in-house, and Nathan says: “We appointed a new workshop manager this year, and he cannot sing Irizar (UK)’s praises enough.

“If external help is needed Irizar (UK) gets a mobile engineer on site very quickly: the support is second-to-none in the industry. Parts are readily available and we enjoy a good relationship with the sales and engineering teams.

“It’s those factors that led us back to Irizar.”