Ian thanks well-wishers

Ian thanks well-wishers

Ian Hall, Irizar UK’s Sales Director, will be back at work on 2 June after his recent health scare.

“Having a heart attack at 60 can be a catastrophic and life changing event,” says Ian. “I was lucky… very lucky! The survival rate for someone having a cardiac arrest at home is only 6%.Ian Hall - Sales Director

“Having been diagnosed with a failed artery, not symptomatic of chronic heart disease, or specifically lifestyle induced, I am able to look forward to a full recovery.

“What has helped me enormously in that recovery is the support, good humour and patience of my family, friends and colleagues. I have received literally hundreds of cards, letters, emails, texts, phone messages and messages through others passing on the best wishes for a speedy return to good health.

“It has been an overwhelming and humbling experience, for which Pam and I send our thanks to each and every one of you for that support.”

Ian will be returning to work on Monday, 2nd June, and says he is really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.