New lease of life for Euro 5 Irizar Integrals

New lease of life for Euro 5 Irizar Integrals

New lease of life for Euro 5 Irizar Integrals


  • Operators of all but the newest coaches face increasing restrictions on their use in large conurbations
  • Widening gap between used Euro 5 coach values and new vehicle prices makes their replacement difficult
  • Cost-effective solution throws Irizar operators a lifeline while maintaining highest environmental standards.


Green Urban Retrofit Euro 5

Irizar (UK) is to offer a lifeline to operators of Euro 5 examples of its acclaimed Integral coaches, who might otherwise find their use of such vehicles constrained by restrictions such as the London ULEZ, which is being phased-in from next April.

The London Ultra Low Emissions Zone, and the Clean Air Zones that are being proposed in towns and cities across the country, will impose restrictions on all but the most modern coaches. Heavy-duty diesel vehicles which do not meet the Euro 6 emissions standards will face heavy penalty charges intended to make their use uneconomic.

These clean-air initiatives have had a knock-on effect: they have devalued older coaches to the extent that many operators cannot bridge the gap between their existing vehicles and Euro 6 compliant replacements.

Irizar (UK)’s head of coach sales Julie Hartley says: “We know there are many Irizar Integrals in the hands of UK operators that are powered by the 9-litre DAF Euro 5 engines. In normal circumstances, such coaches would have many years of useful, safe and sustainable service left in them; but the ability to enter London and other key cities without facing draconian penalties is clearly essential.

“We cannot face seeing our loyal customers being effectively forced out of these urban areas, and have therefore decided to develop an affordable and effective solution that will enable Irizar Integral coaches fitted with the DAF PR265 Euro 5 engine to achieve Euro 6 conformity and continue to operate freely.”

Irizar has teamed up with respected British exhaust treatment specialist GreenUrban Technologies to produce a retrofit system for Irizar Integrals using the DAF PR265 Euro 5 engine.

The kits will be available for fitment to used vehicles held in stock by Irizar, as well as operators’ own coaches, providing they have the DAF PR265 Euro 5 engine.

GreenUrban replaces the existing SCR catalyst with a new catalyst with greater cell density and a precious metal coating which allows higher dosages of AdBlue to ensure maximum NOx conversion without ammonia slip. The enhanced SCRT system is operated by its own closed loop electronics control platform so that the existing vehicle CANbus network remains.

NOx inputs and outputs are monitored across the SCRT unit, to ensure that the vehicle conforms to Euro 6 limits while in service. This real-time monitoring of engine exhaust output ensures conformance irrespective of the vehicle’s transmission type or body specification, as AdBlue dosage is constantly adjusted in response to exhaust emissions.

Particulate and unburned hydrocarbon emissions are minimised with the addition of a diesel particulate filter and diesel oxidation catalyst. This features a silicon carbide element, rather than the more usual ceramic filter. The silicon carbide component can withstand much higher temperatures than a ceramic unit and has a precious metal coating which triggers passive regeneration at relatively low temperatures, making it suitable for urban and low-load applications. Harmful emissions are reduced by up to 95 per cent.

Green Urban Euro 5 Retro Fit Exhaust

The GreenUrban ecoNOxt SCRT system has been able to demonstrate that it can meet Euro 6 emissions levels as required by Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS), and is just waiting final approval which is expected in a matter of a few weeks. A register of retrofitted coaches will be maintained by the DVSA, which will help Transport for London and the other local regulatory authorities identify vehicles that have been upgraded for compliance.

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