Irizar i6S Efficient

Irizar i6S Efficient Integral – The most efficient coach in the history of Irizar

Reductions of up to 13% in consumption and emissions

This latest generation vehicle is designed to give maximum efficiency for operators and the best experience for passengers and it emphasises sustainability. The lower consumption means it has significantly lower emissions and this improvement is achieved, primarily, through reducing the weight and aerodynamic coefficient.

Weight reduction up to 950 kg

Weight reduction has been one of the biggest challenges with this innovation project. The weight of every component was analysed and reduced. And the weight of the vehicle has been redistributed with the goal of improving weight distribution.

High strength steel and lighter composite materials were used instead of traditional structural materials.

Aerodynamic coefficient improved by 30%

Excellent aerodynamic performance is the key to this new generation of coaches. We have redesigned all the components we could to optimise aerodynamics.

Part of the front of the vehicle has been modified, as well as the roof and its curvature. Likewise, the curvature of the windscreen and other front windows has been reworked to make sure wind resistance is as low as possible.

With to goal of improving efficiency and consumption even more, the option to replace the rear view mirrors with digital vision cameras is provided with the two-fold goal of providing wide-angle vision in any weather conditions. These modifications provide improvements in the driver’s direct and indirect field of vision.

The rear exterior of the coach and the rear window, bumper, panels, covers and doors also have significant modifications geared towards achieving better aerodynamic efficiency.


For more information download our i6S Efficient Brochure

i6S Efficient Brochure

Choice of engine

  • DAF MX11, EURO 6, 300 kw, 408 bhp
  • DAF MX13, EURO 6, 330 kw, 449 bhp
  • DAF MX13, EURO 6, 355 kw, 483 bhp
  • DAF MX13, EURO 6, 390 kw, 530 bhp


Choice of transmission

  • Traxon 12 gear automated manual change + Built-in ZF Power intarder with 3 brake points

  • ZF Ecolife Coachline 6-speed gearbox + Built-in ZF Retarder with 3 brake points



  • ALCOA POLISHED (Blue Tag) Alloy wheels
  • KNORR-BREMSE Tyres Pressure Monitoring System
  • Continental 295/80 R22.5 tyres

Length: 10.8m, 2 axle, Height: 3.5m (3.734m)
Length: 12.2m, 2 axle, Height: 3.5m (3.734m) or 3.7m (3.934m)
Length: 12.9m, 2 axle, Height: 3.5m (3.734m)
Length: 13.2m, 3 axle, Height: 3.5m (3.734m) or 3.7m (3.034m)
Length: 14.07m, 3 axle, Height: 3.5m (3.734m) or 3.7m (3.934m)

Standard equipment

  • Centre toilet
  • Masats electric doors
  • Hispacold Bizone Climate System
  • Spheros preheater
  • Third rear-view mirror for driver
  • Irizar i6 reclining seats with iLeather headrests
  • 2-point safety belts on seats
  • Video 22-inch Actia TFT front monitor
  • 15-inch Actia TFT second monitor
  • DVD player
  • Actia reversing camera
  • Dark-tinted glass
  • Centre aisle and driver’s area carpet
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Luggage-racks locker for driver and guide
  • Tyre pressure and temperature sensor monitoring system
  • Drivers safe
  • Refrigerator in drivers area
  • Rain & Light sensors



  • Camera mirror system
  • Heated windscreen
  • Luxury seats
  • Half leather plus leather piping (or iLeather)
  • Full leather
  • Heated driver seat
  • Leather headrests and two-point seat belts
  • Magazine nets and footrests
  • 3-point safety belts on seats
  • Alcoa Durabright alloy wheels
  • and many more…