Irizar i4 Integral

Irizar i4 Integral – Innovation in movement


The Irizar i4 Integral has been especially created for urban and intercity routes, and is rapidly finding favour in the UK as the perfect, 70-seat vehicle for schools and local private hire.

It’s an Integral which maintains the same high standards for quality, comfort, reliability and safety that characterise the Irizar coach range, and has the distinctive style which sits well alongside Irizar i6 and i8 Integrals.

The i4 Integral is highly adaptable to the needs of passengers. It is available as a two-axle coach in 12.2-metre and 12.9-metre lengths, in various finishes and with different floor heights.

Choice of engine

  • DAF MX-11 250, EURO 6 (340 bhp)
  • DAF MX-11 270, EURO 6 (367 bhp)
  • DAF MX-11 300, EURO 6 (408 bhp)
  • DAF MX-11 330, EURO 6 (449 bhp)


Choice of transmission

  • ZF AS Tronic 12-speed gearbox with INTARDER
  • ZF Ecolife 6-speed automatic gearbox with INTARDER (MX-11 low torque engines only)

Length: 12.2m, Height: 3.250m (3,405m), 2 axles (H and M)

Length: 12.9m, Height: 3.250m (3,405m), 2 axles (H and M)

Length: 13.6m, Height: 3.250m (3,405m), 3 axles (H and M)


Seating options

  • Up to 59 i4 seats in 2+2 configuration with nearside central door, (H version)
  • Up to 80 PPS school type 3+2 configuration, (M version) (option on all-age seat belts)
  • Upgrade to i6 seat available


Other options

  • Integrated climate control
  • Bosch Smart Series radio/p.a./CD player
  • Extra-dark tint side glass, emergency hammers with retractable cables
  • Anti chipping vinyl along lower part of windscreen.
  • DDA schedule 1 & 3 available with side-mounted PLS lift in centre door steps
  • Complete flexibility allows you to tailor the versatile i4 specifically to your requirement, whether school contract, interurban scheduled service or an affordable day tripper.