Irizar ie Electric Buses

Irizar e-mobility Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Solutions

Irizar e-mobility’s business is based on providing comprehensive electric mobility solutions for airports & cities producing 100% electric buses and urban electric trucks., and in terms of manufacturing and installing the charging infrastructure systems to support the operation.

Today our full range of zero emission electric buses can be seen operating to full capacity across a range of European cities.

The Irizar group of companies provides complete mobility systems: 100% electric buses and all the major infrastructure systems required for DC fast or slow charging, drive systems and energy storage, all of which have been designed and manufactured in-house using the wide expertise of the group.

Our product range includes fast or slow charging rigid (10.8m and 12m) and (18m) articulated buses with a new range of commercial electrical vehicles, for example refuse trucks available soon.

Irizar vehicles can be supplied with charging systems manufactured by our own subsidiary JEMA and can be specified to be interoperable to charge other manufacturers vehicles. It is also possible to incorporate smart charging into the system which allows the distribution of charging throughout the charging window to reduce the peak energy requirement.

Emphasis is placed on reducing noise pollution and obtaining low energy consumption to reduce energy and total operating costs and make the conversion to electric operation more viable.

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