Coach Leasing – A Tax Efficient Plan

Operating lease is a tax-efficient plan if you want the coach to earn money as you pay for its use, but don’t want the attendant problems associated with ownership, depreciation and of disposal. This solution enables you to have a fleet of the most up to date coaches, at minimal inital cost, and a monthly rental that reflects the value of the asset whilst you are using it, not its total value.

Throughout the agreement you have the benefits and economic use of the coach as if you owned it; at the end of the agreement you return it to the finance company.

This option is well worth considering for specialist and higher value coaches, or where you have a contract for a specific term. The finance company owns the asset; you get to use it for a contracted period, with an option to extend that contract at the end of the primary period, should you wish. For more information, please contact Mike Austin at our approved financial broker, Crystal Business Finance Ltd