Interior Gallery

Buying new? We’ve a huge range of interior options


What type of coach service will you be offering? Is it a tour service for large groups or a VIP service for exclusive or private groups? Is it a commuter service for regular daily transportation? Every group and each type of service will be served by specific interior options and can include everything from reclining seats and individual reading lights to loungers and individual seat back video entertainment. The options are nearly endless.

When it comes to interior options, there’s also the question of colours and fabrics and both can make very important statements about the type of service you are offering. They can even have a psychological impact. For example, the argument is made that for a daily commuter service soft and serene colours are preferable as they can help passengers relax during the commute to and from work.  For tour services vibrant colours help increase the excitement of the outing and will put passengers in the right frame of mind during their time on-board.

Fabrics can have a similar though more subtle impact but here it’s really a question of comfort and durability that most coach buyers will be concerned with when choosing their interior options. The most obvious primary choice is whether to use leather for all or part of the seat coverings. For a high-end luxury service this could be considered a must have though mixing leather and fabric can offer interesting style options that still convey luxury while helping to hold down total cost.

No matter what type of coach service you will be offering, we have the interior options that meet your needs.  Spin through the gallery or call in and start the selection process.