About Us

Irizar UK Moving Forward

At Irizar UK – the sole UK supplier of Irizar’s Integral coaches – we believe in delivering much more than just a new vehicle.

Whether you choose the classy i6, the workhorse i4, or the high-end i8. Whether your coach is 10.8 metres or 13.8 metres. Whether yours is two-axle or tri-axle, a tabled VIP or a workaday 60-seater, the philosophy for us is the same. We are behind you all the way.

Your coach comes with the design and manufacturing expertise of a global company which manufactures in seven countries, worldwide. A product of which everyone at Irizar UK is immensely proud. We strive to ensure your ownership experience is first-class through the entire working life of the vehicle.

You have the benefit of DAF’s peerless dealer network, the support of every manufacturer of every component on the vehicle but, most importantly, you have the unwavering support of the aftersales team at Irizar UK.

The way we see it, it’s not just coaches which should be Integral. It’s the whole ownership experience.